About Us

Founded in 2021


Great hair and skin will always boost the vibe of a confident woman. We are all about having fun and we have designed a space for you to step out of your busy day and indulge in some "me" time. Feeling yourself and fabulous is key. We have turned our visions, experiences and art into BLOW AND WAX. Our goal is to make you feel right and welcomed.

BLOW AND WAX is founded in 2022! We are a locally owned and women owned company.  We take pride in what we do. We offer early opening hours; high quality services and the first class experience you deserve. Our business highlight is to give you the best experience you deserve.

We specialize in hair blowouts, hair treatments, waxing, facials and other skin care services.We are open 7 days a week on Seminole Blvd.


Our dedication is to provide you with the best service and experience.

Best Quality Products

We are only using professional quality skin care and hair care products.


Our online booking and availability will always welcome you.


Our experienced technicians will effortlessly take care of your needs.


Hygiene and cleanliness will always be our top priority!

the best results


BLOW AND WAX proudly offers an exclusive CHARCOAL HARD WAX for face and body hair removal services. We only use one-kind and one-quality hard wax to give you the best long-lasting results.Our wax is formulated with the natural ingredients, contains soothing properties, and is designed for the most sensitive skin types. BLOW & WAX effortlessly removes your hair through our exclusive waxing techniques, minimizing discomfort while advising you on all your pre-care and post-care waxing needs.



Our signature hair styles and styling tools will leave your hair looking GORGEOUS as you deserve the best. Our professional hair care products will keep your hair smooth, healthy and bouncy and minimize hair damages. Our stylists will take care of you and your needs effortlessly. REMEMBER! We will only wash, dry and style it for you. See you soon GORGEOUS!